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„When I dance, I can feel the full advantage of my existence and process life in every phase I experience it.“


2015 entschied sich Sarafina die dreijährige Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz zu absolviern. Das Studium ermöglichte ihr, ihre Leidenschaft für Bewegung zu erweitern und die Karten für ihre Zukunftsvorstellungen als Tänzerin neu zu mischen. Nach dem Studium begann sie als Freelance-Tänzerin und Choreografin aktiv zu werden. Mit Company MEK, die von Muhammed Kaltuk geleitet wird, arbeitet sie seit Anfang 2019 regelmäßig. Seit 2019 auch eigene Choreografin und Arbeit als Trainerin. 

Ikenna Nwaogu

„A weakness can build to a strength , just like a disability to a diff ability!“


By the age of 11, German dancer and actor JR Game was already ranked inside the world’s top 20 at the elite EBS Krump competition. Since then, he has won around 30 contests in Europe and has played a leading role in the TV series Crews & Gangs. He is also dedicated to growing the Krump scene, regularly organising events and teaching workshops around the world.

Chloé Wanner

By the age of 18, Chloé Wanner decides to pursue dance as a career and leaves for 8 months in New York in order to train and develop her knowledge. She there follows dance classes in Peridance and the 36 Chambaz of Stylz. Back in Switzerland, she enters the bachelor in contemporary and street dances in Tanzwerk101, Zürich, that she just finished. On the side, she starts choreographing and presents a duo for Tanzfragmente (Olten). She is also working as a performer, notably for Art Basel 2021. 

Nowadays, she is active in the scene as a dancer, choreographer and teacher.

Picture by StyleC magazine


Mikki Monnin was born on August 30, 1996 in Vychni Volochek (Russia). It was in 1998 when he landed in Switzerland with his adoptive family accompanied by his brother and sister. In December 2009 he took part in his first Breakdance lessons. After only 2 years of lessons, he left to train on his own. In 2012 he won his first battle. Alongside the battles, Mikki participates in the creation of a musical (2012-2013).
In 2014 he went to Berlin for 3 months to take German lessons. Next door he trained at the Flying Steps Academy.
On his return to Switzerland, he did projects and battles all over Switzerland and abroad. In 2015 Mikki began to teach and approach certain schools located in Neuchatel. In the same year he took part in the project „120 seconds presents Paléo“ presented by Vincent Veillon and Kucholl.
After three months of preparation, Mikki takes part in the Red Bull Bc one cypher in Zurich, where he reached the top 8.

Following this, he decides to put Breaking on hold and explore something else. It was in 2017 that he began to develop his style and get to know his body.

In January 2018 he decided to invest 100% in dance. He began a preparatory year at the MDC (Melinda Dance Center) in Neuchatel. He participates in various projects. ( contest / shows / performance ). He took ballet lessons, technical and contemporary placement and even physical preparation. During his preparation, he meets Olive Lopez who will help him find his way and develop his physicality.
In August 2019 he began his training at the Höhere Fachschule für zeitgenössischen und urbanen Bühnentanz, Tanzwerk 101 (Zürich). He is currently in the Bachelor Program BA UCD.
In 2021, he started refocusing on breaking again and will reached the semi-finals of the Red Bc One city Cypher two years in a row.

Spoken Word Artists

„DANCE MEANS TO ME: Unapologetically expressing myself, embodying the music, sharing my thoughts and feelings and standing up for what I believe in through movement.“


Anna Chiedza war Teilnehmerin am internationalen Programm der Peri Dance New York, danach absolvierte sie Weiterbildungen in renommierten Studios in Los Angeles, New York und London. Sie unterrichtet u. A. im Tanzwerk 101, und im BASE Dance Studio London. Sie tanzt für kommerzielle Anbieter, und für zeitgenössische wie auch Hip Hop Choreografen in London und in der Schweiz. Sie arbeitet mit Muhammed Kaltuk und zum Beispiel mit Winston Arnon, Simon Donellon, Nicco Annan und Rhapsody James.